Moonstruck’s Mignonette

Moonstruck’s Mignonette My recipe for mignonette (a classic French condiment consisting of a combination of vinegar, shallots and black pepper) is based on one that I found as a subscriber to the now defunct “Gourmet” magazine in 2005 and then fine tuned to reflect our tastes and it’s interaction with […]

Carolina Coast Coconut Cake 2

This recipe is absolutely one of my most highly prized and has earned innumerable friend and family raves at countless love-and-laughter laden gatherings in the years since it was passed to me as a personal gift from my former mother-in-law in the final days of my marriage to her son. […]

Simply Sultry & Sassy Crockpot Sausage Dip 2

I come from hearty, hybrid immigrant stock and hail from the Great Plains state of South Dakota. My entire family represents died-in-the-wool, avid (occasionally rabid) football fans or, more specifically, Minnesota Viking fans! I missed that gene. I am a disappointment and an embarrassment to my family and, over the […]

#4 of 10 Ways to Rock Store Bought Rotisserie Chicken; Poolside Pulled Chicken Sliders

This sandwich hooks up three of my very own and very “secret” recipe favorites–“Poolside Pulled Chicken,” “Moonstruck’s Coleslaw ‘Remix’” and the stove top version of my “Bayside Bayou Onion Jam!” Using a store bought rotisserie chicken for the pulled chicken requires less than 30 minutes top-to-bottom–(including pickin’), the coleslaw “remix” […]