#6 of 100 Ways to Rock a Rotisserie Chicken; “A Valkyrie’s Receipt for Hearty Homemade Chicken Stock”

Our waterside home on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, Moonstruck Cottage, is a weekend and holiday getaway that is about 2 hours away from our home, Evensong, in an historic little township that rests along one of the sleepier stretches of the James River in Virginia. Like most […]

Eastern Shore Seafood Cheesecake 2

Eastern Shore Seafood Cheesecake   Waterside living—be it poolside, bayside, lakeside or a picnic at the river or on the bank of a stream—is best when shared with friends and family. As we all know, food plays a key role in any waterside gathering and the simpler the better to […]