Virginia State Fair Salted Buttermilk Grits and Pan Seared Shrimp in Red Eye Crema

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“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”–La Rochefoucauld
(Surely with great great grandma’s best China bowl nestling a rich creamy cushion of salted buttermilk grits, blessed with a smokey ladleful of red eye gravy crema, tantalizingly teased by the ooey gooey guilty pleasures of melted cheese, spiked with the delight of pan-seared cayenne-crackled shrimp and the eyes-open kisses of sweet summer tomatoes and a flirt green scallions qualifies as a most ‘witty’ contribution to a day’s repast!!)
I’m a looooooong time fan of anything shrimp and grits and this year House-Autry is sponsoring a competition for the best bowl of sumpin’ sumpin’ of this most wonderful waterman’s breakfast and all you gotta do is dazzle some Virginia State Fair judges! Well, I’m in! You won’t find the recipe here–yet! I’m still tweakin’ and Russ is still tastin’! Served up the prototype to Laurie and Graham H. and June McC. a couple of weeks ago at Moonstruck and they appeared to be lovin’ it–so, we shall see!
I’ll let you know how it goes and will submit the recipe to all of you when I get it out to those judges!
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